Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who is a righteousness person - Kumbhakarna or Vibhishan

Guys this question has bedazzled me for a long time, I really want to know what all of you think about it . .

who do u think is a righteousness person - Kumbhakarna or Vibhishan ?


Who tried to explain ravan the significance of RAM and SITA and hence was abandoned by Ravan . He found peace at the feet of Lord Rama , as he knew Lord Ram was right and his brother Ravana was wrong. He stood by truth over relations . His Dharma was truth .His loyalty was towards right/truth.


Who knew Ravan was wrong, who told Ravan in face that ravans deeds were wrong yet he fought for Ravan and Lanka. He knew he was going to die yet he went to the battle field. He considered his prime duty to be being dutiful to his elder brother and his kingdom even if they are wrong .This was his Dharma to stand by them when they needed him even though he did not agree with Ravans deeds. His loyalty was towards duties imparted by virtue of birth .

Given this - now if you had to chose between Family/ Friends who are not right VS the Truth l what would you have done ? Imagine you are in the above situation whom would you have supported would you fought for Ravan your elder brother as your duty as a younger brother is to obey and respect him OR would you have supported Ram who is right conventionally yet is on a war with your Brothers and kingdom ?


Jaya Kothari said...

Definitely The Truth...!!!
At the end of the day truth stands and wins over in all situations...

Arnav said...

Thanks :) I would share my views after a couple more friends share theirs :)

Anonymous said...

I would choose friends & family over the truth anyday. But probably, not go into the battlefield for you.. :P


Prasoon Joshi said...

Since you are trying to make a judgement on the righteousness of an act of a person let's consider what a typical judge would do. Judgement is always passed on the basis of 'intent' behind the act.
In the case of Vibhishan, if his act of favouring Ram was propelled by an intent to save his own life, he was a coward and should be shunned. If on the other hand, his act was a result of fearless confrontation of his family and friends to support the truth, he should be worshiped.
The act of Kumbhakaran was brave but was he too timid to confront his own consciousness to go against his family to support the ultimate truth?
We would never know what went inside the heads of these characters of mythology but since YOU have to take a decision about yourself, you probably would know what is going on inside your head.
"Be brave and upright so that the God may love thee"

Arnav said...

@Rahul -
hmm I knew your answer for this :)

@Prasoon - Its not about me :) I am just reading/listening to a lot of mythology :)
Yours last sentence makes me feel that you support the truth - to be with brave and face your beliefs ..
Kumbhakarna was not coward he was a mighty warrior he just put his duty as a brother above his belief of truth.
If only the epic heroes had maintained a Journal

sandip sahal said...

fact: vibishan chose to go to lord ram only after being kicked by ravan, for giving his judgment of the situation.

for a woman, her husband is her dharma.

for a priest, his religion is his dharma.

for a business man, his profits is his dharma

for a brahmin, karma is his dharma.

so what is dharma..?

dharma has manifold manifestations.

its for every individual to chose his own dharma. hence for kumbhakaran, his allegiance towards his brother and his king was his dharma. where as for vibhishan, going to lord ram after having been kicked out by his brother, to survive was his dharma.

vibhishan could have chosen to remain neutral, and yet have his say. he also, had the choice to be by rawans side and persuade him to do things alternatively, rather than being instrumental in allying with his enemy, and being responisble for his brothers death.

V Rakesh said...

Certainly, it is important to be correct than be nice and that would determine my choice!

Arnav said...

@Sandip - True .. but don't you think if all of us start protecting our friends/families who do wrong/cause others harm, then we actually are increasing helping them destroy someone else ?

I mean i understand the importance of standing by your family/friends but if they are wrong dont you think there should be a Line which we should not control ..

Imagine if the family of a murderer keeps protecting him and of course keep explaining to him that he has no right to kill another human being, but murderer would keep murdering coz he would know no matter what there would be someone by his side. would that be right??

Arnav said...

@Rakesh - Bingo :) How have you been ?

sandip sahal said...

but there can be more than one right.

Nidhi Saraf said...

@sandip...i agree 2 u brother...When we believe a thing to be true, like “I am a girl” or “I am working” or “one plus one equals two”, those truths set us up to build limiting stories around those truths. When we think we know the truth about something, we stop looking at it and start looking at the nature of everything else in relation to it. Eventually, things around that truth shift and change, and eventually even those truths shift and change.

Towards reclamation said...

i typed a big comment and google again screwed me .. baaah

Neena Prakash said...

I like Nidhi's answer. Truth has different meanings for different people. I prefer to think things based on todays world cuz lets face it cannot base right/wrong based on smthng that belong to a different time. Besides, ramayan is based on Ram who might be god but also succumbed to abandoning his wife while dawning the role of "king". Did he not know the truth ? Yes he did, but just to prove to his people he sent sita to exile. Nowadays who gives a shit about other people?? Its my family and I know these people better than society does. So why care a shit about them. Now coming back to your question.
A modern day vibhishan is a person, who doesnt take risks. He has a benchmark formed by say family, friends, culture, religion that guides his decisions. In todays settings such a man is a man of society. Order in the world exists because of such people. And order is good. more like a man of family, yes he recognizes the fault of his brother. But it is his brother so he has to stand by him, his act is present in the act of every person. Eg. Parents ..they reprimand their child for doing wrong things but still stand by their side, so that ..that child gets the support to stand right. A brother or sister or father might be a big gamble but his wife n family still stick around him ...why ?? Family, money, have to move on with life. The reasons scale beyond righteousness. These corrective actions of a family man help to strengthen family, strengthen society. Which is right again. Now moving to graver actions like that of a murderer / a terrorist / rapist etc these cases definitely there is a clear line between right and wrong. And in such cases people should protest. In mahabharat krishna had said, to do crime is wrong, to tolerate crime in the name of goodness is even worse. But such people are outcasts of society and thats why we have a place called jail. :)
Honestly, I feel there's no point in guiding one's actions based on right/wrong only. It makes life very heavy and difficult to live. As long as you dont go kill someone or blast a building full of people or act like a psychopath you should be fine. :). Shit of all levels happen in this world. One should recognize that level. Often the idea of right/wrong makes us take judgments that are far too harsh for the situation at hand. For eg murders of gf's & bf's / father abandoning daughter for marrying someone she likes/ old ppl judging the present generation for going out. Indian Society frowns on things like dating, relationships, religion, work culture. For instance young girls / guys grow up dreaming about the perfect husband or wife. But in today's modern world, people date not one, not two but more than that. And such people are either called lose characters/immoral etc etc. There's one section of people who (girls) cry acting like victims, guys kill themselves or hound the girl for the rest of her life by phone calls/emails, blaming her that she did something bad. There's another section who thinks yea what happened was wrong, but im not gonna circle my life around that and they move on. These distinct acts are also guided by "right/wrong" but are distinct because their is a truth for each of these distinct minds.
Yes if you dont like something, shout be angry and stay away from stuff that ur not agreeable to. But in the process of right/wrong people become inflexible and judgmental. And sometimes fucked up in their minds. They think they are the good ones, and rant on n on about good & bad. Honestly, no ones a 100% right or a 100% good. In case of kumbha and vibhi both are right in their respective places. Kumbha poor fellow died cuz, he was apparently up against god. And god does everything "right", even sending his wife to exile is thus right, right?

V Rakesh said...

Am good Arnav, how abt you?

priyeshraj said...

Lord krishna has said in Geeta, "Always follow what is right. What is true."That was precisely the reason why arjun fought with his own brothersand Gurusbecausehe knewhe is with truthdoes that answer ur question??.

Arnav said...

@Nidhi- Yes truth could be different from person to person - time to time , but yet again some things are just always right and some always wrong .

@Sid - :) You can type it again :)

@ Neena - WOW :) I really agree with you that both had their own stand points and living a life based only on right and wrong is very tough ...
After all things are not only white and black they are grey

@Priyesh- so you go by Dharma :) Which is fine .. but is abandoning you family / brother/ kingdom when they need you the most ok?

Arnav said...

@Rakesh - I am doing great buddy recently shifted to Chennai