Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The RAT rAce

Have you ever thought what is it after which we are running??? as if we are in a middle of a race and we only see, the end, the finish point, but the problem is as soon as we reach the finishing point we start running for another race....
Right from the moment we start understanding the meaning of words like success and failure, we start running but why? have you ever thought if it is worth running??
The fact is ; No one thinks and neither do I.
When we are students we want 100 percent in our report card, we do all that is possible to get that; as little children we sacrifice our moments of tenderness for studying, taking private tuition's,then we go to college again running to be the topper, to get the best job and as soon as we get one, we start running for promotion then again for a secured retirement. Have you ever thought where exactly does this race end? I am sure many of you have already raised your eyebrows, as you feel that running is normal and its required to achieve success, as running is nothing but what we call ambitions right!
Think it over is it really so! Why is that we tell our children to study hard, why do we run after promotions? well I am sure you will agree with me when i say that it is for peace of mind which comes only if we have enough to survive and for some more than that, and this comes only by money and for that we need to work and get promotions,for which we need to study hard during our childhood, right?
Think it over will you be really happy if you get lots of money? I dint think so, because once you do that you would want more money, more fame, and this continues.
Well may be i am being impractical, but think it over what are we actually running after. As I said its nothing but peace of mind, which we feel will come only and only if we have money but that's not true, The fact is 99% of us simply go to job because we have to clear our debts, and as a result we end up either taking the help of sleeping pills or committing suicide.
What we actually need to do is to discover that one thing which excites us, titillates us and the moment we do that- bingo ! our life will transform into a legacy.
The irony is its really hard to find that one thing, as one has to keep his mind always open and that is difficult because we are generally over stressed about the race in which we are running.
I always thought for the past 4-5 years that achieving this one thing was my ultimate goal(the one thing- replace it with achieving an ambition or coming first in some race), and so i worked hard for it and now when i actually have achieved it, I started running in another race, and suddenly it struck me, I mean what exactly was I after ? what did I really want? It is then that I realised that its not wise to lamely run a race, one has to identify himself with it . Now I feel like a small baby who has just been fed by his nanny but since he cannot use words to express he cannot say that he is done, as a result his nanny keeps stuffing food in his mouth, and here is he confused thinking what to do?
I feel the same, because I don't want to run in another race just for the sake of money.
The irony is I will have to, just like thousands others. I will again run in another race. why?? because I still haven't found that one thing which excites me and for the time being I do have to pay my bills right ! so here I go running in anther race for another finish line but yes I will keep my mind open this time wide open !