Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look beyond the horizon!!

 Why are we pursuing B.Tech??
 Why do some of us want to do MBA/M.S??
 Why do we react to situations the way we do??

Many of us would simply say we are doing what we want to do.. But HOLD IT!! Give it some thought ,are we really doing what we want to or are we merely following the crowd.
4 out of ten people in any engineering college would say they are doing because their family wanted them to do so; 3 of them would say they are doing because it assures a job; 2 would say it was the most happening thing to do, and they did not want to be the odd ones… and if we are lucky we wound find 1 (the odd one) who says he is doing B.Tech because he wanted to, because he loves computers/machines…
It is actually very rare that we do what we want to and that is why we end up being frustrated or are labeled mediocre. What do you think made people like Steve jobs, Richard Stallman,Linus torvalds, Sharukh khan, Amitabh bachan the celebrities that they are today, some would say luck, some hard work, but I think the most important thing which they have is ATTITUDE , which made them pursue their dreams. Man would have remained a hunter , had the entire mankind refused to think beyond the horizon. It is the crazy belief that we should not go against the flow., which kills the singer/painter/architect/sportsman in us. It deprives us of the fame which we could have achieved had we followed our dreams. Some would quote “its all about money, honey!” , but trust me if you pursue your dream , money would pursue you, be it the mega star Amitabh Bachan or Steve jobs, CEO of Apple ,all are living testimonies to this. When we leave this college , some of us would want to pursue MBA, MS , or some would simply like to work, but just think, if you really want to do what you are planning to do….. Else the entire life you would be a slave of your own job, you would dread going to office everyday, you would be stuck in prison which you would choose yourself. We always have a choice but we should choose what our heart desires and not what the people around us decide. Give it some thought and you would soon realize that the fear of being rejected by the society, makes us go against our dreams. Actually a lot more things are decided by the society, the very definitions of good and bad, are framed by it. The manner in which we should behave, the people with whom we should stay is actually all decided by the society.
It is paradoxical that man who claims to be superior to other animals on the basis of his intellectuality, fails to show it when his fellow human needs it the most. We always believe our ears more than our intellect. I am sure if you look around you would find people branded as malicious because they are either not in terms with the so called elite or perhaps they are going against the flow .Strangely people who are not associated with them even remotely, behave in a fashion which is impertinent to them. If you ask those people the reason for their awkward behavior, you would realize they do so just because they have heard ghastly things about the person and on that basis they now believe that the person is malevolent. Though the person may actually be amiable, and just because he went against the flow, he had to face such atrocious consequences. Little do they realize the effect of their brutality, perhaps if they would have taken the pain of finding the truth, instead of solely believing their ears, they would have regretted their behavior.
Just imagine if every human would have been a coward and would have gone with the flow, then our society would still have been a primitive one and we would have been still practicing evil customs like sati, human sacrifices etc.. But luckily we do have the odd ones in our society who have the courage to rise against the tide. If even some of us give a thought about what we are doing, if we start seeking the reason to everything, not only would we dignify the lives of fellow humans , but would also be able to pursue our own dreams, and live the life which we always wanted to do. So start thinking beyond the horizon , look for a reason behind everything and you would see how beautiful life actually is. 