Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are we NUMB???

Today was suppose to be just another day for hema, a 5 year girl living in the slums of Mumbai. Unlike the privileged children, she had no time to play. All she had to do during the day was to take care of her siblings and do the daily chores of the house. But today was not going to be as she had presumed,today was suppose to be the day when she would lose herself to the evils of the society. She had gone to nearby shop to buy biscuits. But she could not reach the shop because her beloved uncle called her inside his house and RAPED her. He Raped his own niece. She went through it all and went back with her soul crying, she went back to her ma, but was told " forget it... he gives us money to strive forget it", she was told this when all she pleaded for was justice and was told that she was to go through this for some time. .. how long ? nobody really knows, but I know for sure that she would hate EVERYONE around her, she would be ashamed of the entire world including herself, without any fault of her.
There a are thousand of other Hema's who's future is painted RED by their own relatives . Children are suppose to be avatars of god, they are suppose to be innocent, But there are some psycho's who seek lust in these gifts of god.

Today was also suppose to be another holiday for sunny a 10 year old boy living in one of the posh areas of kolkata with his parents.He was suppose to visit his cousin today . He did meet his cousin and would meet him many more times in days to come. His cousin vivek loved him so much that more often than not he touched sunny in ways and places which are not morally acceptable. But sunny was not even aware of what was happening. Had he been aware maybe his ma and papa would help him get justice. But sunny was an innocent child, he grew up thinking that vivek was a very caring brother and what they shared was normal. But future would stand witness to the dilemma sunny would have to face about his orientation when he comes to know about the actual norms of the society.He would have to pay the price for vivek's affection , he would have to fight not only with the society but with his OWN soul seeking answers to quetions which are not answered by anyone..
These epitome of innocence loose their entire life for one MAN who took the liberty of destroying their innocence.

Today was also suppose to be another day of celebration for ramadevi, since last 4 months her house is celebrating every moment as ramadevi had conceived But today all this was suppose to come to an end . Today she was going to be ashamed of having a human life inside her. Three Teenage broke into her house tied her husband and GANG RAPED her. The same boys whom ramadevi had taught , the same boys whom she considered as a member of her own family. Today under the influence of ALCOHOL they lost sanity.
In India a pregnant woman is suppose to be respected and worshipped, but here ramadevi was raped by three minors. Her future which seemed to be full of happiness till yesterday was now in utter darkness. She would probably not conceive in years to come and then this same SOCIETY of ours would blame her- For what? for being a woman.

SAD !! very SAD!!! but FACT
What do educated people like you and me do? we simply read an article about this, probably have an discussion about how the society is degrading and get back to our routine !!
I also would finished writing this blog and get back to studies..
But don't you think it is high time we start doing something about this else everyday you and I would be mere witnesses to hema's cry , suny's innocence and ramadevi's tears, or maybe our children and sisters would have to pay the price of our numbness

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fundas of Marketing applied in relations

It was my second class of Marketing, everything was hazy, not actually because of the professor's lecture , but because my mind was not there in the class instead it was roaming around the globe, standing a witness to my dreams. I had just started enjoying my future when suddenly I heard someone say “ your wife is your customer and if you don't satisfy your customer someone else will”, now I generally do not listen to the professor when I am dreaming but this statement was interesting. Now those of you getting weird ideas, hold you horses, its not as bad as it sounds :-).
It was in that 90 minutes that I realized the importance and meaning of the statement. If we believe in it and act accordingly we would not only make people happy around us but would also help our self to lead a happy life.
Let me explain, ask any successful company what is there prime objective and they would say “to satisfy our customers” , and then ask the same to a company suffering losses and they would say “ to make profits”.
I know it sounds a bit weird to any non marketing person, but try to understand any company can make profits only if its customers are happy
hence if a company functions as if its only motive is to satisfy its customer then profit follows automatically but if it only runs behind profits then it forgets to fulfill the needs of its customer in the long run. Of course it does not mean that the company should NOT be concerned about profits – after all one has to be pragmatic.
Now let us apply the same to relationships, I am sure all of us acknowledge the fact that all relations basically function in the principle of give and take, now I know some of you will not accept this sentence and would quote examples of a couple or the relation of mother and son, but think again are these completely selfless relations, don't u expect your husband/wife to be loyal to you, don't you expect certain level of love from your partner? Doesn't a mother expect certain respect and love from her son? doesn't a son expect love and care from his mother? and if this expectations are not satisfied the person seeks the same from elsewhere.
So I hope you agree that all relations are actually give and take. Now once this is said, let me define a customer , as per my professor anyone whom you give something either in product or service is you customer.
By this analogy our friends are our customers as we offer them help, emotional support , and much more in the form of friendship, by the same analogy you would find all the relations around us are basically customers, and hence if we do not satisfy there needs they would go to some other person, for example if you do not satisfy the basic needs of your friend like helping him/her in time of need, giving him/her the emotional comfort of a friend, he/she would find an alternative friend. Its as simple as that.
The moment each one of us start thinking this way, we would make everyone around us happy, and since they would also treat us the same, we would also be happy. But the problem is that we only focus only on ourselves, we want to satisfy our desires, and hence end up hurting others and eventually ourselves. The sooner we realize this fact the better our personnel life would be.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

woh ek roshni

-> Yuhi bethe the hum udas hoke,
kar rahe the guftagu apni tanhai se,
samay ki chadar dhak rahi thi un lamho ko jinhe bhula na pae hum,
mano keh rahi ho mujhse ab bhul jao un lamho ko,
tub kahi se fir aai ek roshni,
ruki bus kuch pal hi,
par de gai woh har khushi, jiski talash rehti hain har ek ko.

Aaj Azaad hun mein

kul tak tha mein heran apne takdir par,
kul tak sochta tha ki mein hi kyun, kul tak tha pareshan apne hi astitiva se,
kul tak darta tha khushi se,
kul tak tha keidi apne hi dar ka, ....
par aaj azaad hu mein,
upne bewakufi par hasta hun mein ,
aah samjha hu ki ha mein hi hun apne dar ki wajah,
aaj samjha hu ki khushiya mere hi aas paas udh rahi thi par maine akhe jo bund karli bhala kaise dekhta unhe ,
par aaj mein hur ek khushi ko mehsus kartah hun,
aaj samjha hu ki mere zindagi ki dor mere hi hath mein hain,
ha mein hi hu woh jiske paas pura aasmaan hain urne ko,
ha azaad hu mein