Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I stand a Witness

I stand a Witness to the changing life,
I stand a witness to the changing minds ,
I stand a witness to the changing relations,
here am I a witness, powerful yet helpless
entangled by the social dogmas ,
here am I a witness to the world of pain
here am I a witness to the selfish world ,
I had my beliefs I had my principles,
a witness to love I was , a witness to happiness I was ,
but life has changed and so have beliefs
and here am I now a witness to change
time's changing and would never stop
and I remain a statue , a statue of change..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little imperfections

This video is the inspiration of this post


I once read a quote which was something like " Friendships is not about two similar people coming together but its about two different people accepting each others differences" .. So true, when we look around us we would notice that the people we call us our own , out actually different from us, in ways more than one, and these differences make our relationships beautiful, isn't it?

One look at my parents, actually any couple of their generation, and we would see that they are generally completely different , yet they stick together like two sides of a coin, inseparable yet facing opposite sides . That's the beauty of their relationships, and if we think a bit on this than acceptance is actually the key to a successful relationship, be it love or friendship.
I have friends whose habits are not in sync with mine, in fact some habits makes me lose my temper, yet those are the very habits that define them , and the acceptance of which makes us great friends, well they have certainly accepted my intolerable habits :D

Of course some common platform has to be there, like perhaps the same approach to life , but I am talking about a level beyond the "common platform", no two people are the same , and we need to accept this. I have seen couples trying to change their partner so as to have a perfect relationship, but the fact is the perfection of any relationship are the "little imperfections" they have .
When i look at couples around me , i See blessed are those who accept each other no matter what, I know a couple who fight every fortnight due the major differences they have in their approach to life, yet when the next morning they get up and comfort each other, the joy in their face is worth a million fights.
Even when I look around at my best friends , I really like their little imperfections and I would like them to have it no matter what.

I mean imagine a world which would be perfect, it would be so boring. If all my friends were perfect, there would be no fight no pulling legs, and no FUN . Imagine going to college one day and finding everything perfect , it would be so dull.

The uncertainty in our life makes us look at it with challenge everyday, and the same thing with relationships , the small differences brings us the chance to fight and then comfort each other..

Happy Friendships day guys !! :) Cheers and enjoy the little imperfections of life....