Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That one thing !!!

We all are nothing but seekers,
seeker of the one thing which seduces us all,
seekers of the one thing which drives us all,
seekers of the one thing without which we are zombies .

We all have that one thing in our mind,
all our actions are done so as to achieve that one thing,
all our words are spoken so as to reflect that one thing,
all our definitions are based so as to achieve that one thing.

The definition of that one thing is vague,
Some seek it in their relations,
some seek it in their environment,
some seek it in spirituality,
some seek it in materialism,
but the true definition of it is known to none ...

It is this thing which makes us hypocrite,
We all are but seekers of that one thing ,
that one thing which makes us wear colorful masks,
so as to achieve that one thing.
Some do not wear these masks
yet all they seek is that one thing ,
and with exposed faces they fanatically seek that one thing
sadly all they get is pain
the pain of being exposed
the pain of their skin being peeled in search of masks.

I stand exposed too,
exposed to all the colorful masks, in search of that one thing .
I try to open the masks of those who matter,
but all I get is another color,and pain,
the pain of my skin being peeled in search of a mask .
I am in search of that one thing just like others,
but all I get, is being deprived as I stand exposed.

The colorful masks attract me now,
as they would protect me from pain , they would shield my exposed face.
I am falling in love with the colors that hide our face.
Yes I truly adore them now,
I am but a seeker of that one thing ,
All I need is that one thing just like everyone else.

Here I stand wearing colorful masks ,
trying to attract that one thing to me ,
I am no more in pain, as I am covered now,
covered with masks , masks which protect me.
I am now a part of that hypocrite world,
yet am in peace as no one peels my face anymore.
I am, but a seeker of that one thing,

the thing called "happiness"

Monday, September 21, 2009

The strength of my soul

I look at her with awe,
I look at her with despair ,
I look at her with hope,
I look at her with pain ,
I look at her with anger,
I look at her with divines.

She is the one to hold me tight,
She is the one to pick me when I fall,
She is the one to Pat my back when there is none.

She is the one to give up the world for me,
She is the one to bear it all for me,
She is the one to drop a tear for a glimpse of my smile.

She is there to hug me when I need to believe that I am not alone,
She is the one to leave me alone , when I need to learn living a life,
She is the one to give me the spark, when life seems so meaningless.

She is my "Ma" ...

I would give you hope, when you have none,
I would give you Joy, even If I am in pain,
I would hug you, when you feels lonely.

I would kiss you, to tell that you are the pillar of my life,
I would hold your hand, to tell you are not alone ,
I would gift you the world, to tell that you are, and will always be special.

Ma you are -
the angel of my life,
the strength of my soul,
the joy of my life...

This is dedicated to all the mothers - the greatest gift to mankind.

I would request, that anyone who is reading this, please go and hug you mom, tell her what she means to you, and those like me, who are living in a different city , give her a call and tell her that she means the world to you, it would make the day for her, it really would.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Awards - encourages us to do better

Finally I get a award :) thank you so much , truly it is very inspiring :)

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inner Voice

I have a choice between good and bad,
I have a choice between white and black,
I ask myself what if I chose black,
I hear a voice saying go ahead but you would not accomplish what you are born for,
I get dismayed and wonder if I really want black,
then I look at white, I see the purity but I also see the sacrifice.

I look at god for an answer,
I look at him for enlightenment,
but I see nothing but darkness,
I am cold I need someone to hold me, but I have none,
I feel trapped, I feel suffocated but I cant find that gush of air,
but then I do hear a voice echoing, it's your choice it says it has to be your decision.

I am left with a choice of white and black,
I wander why can't it be grey? but that is not one of the options,
Deep down the voice opting for white gets stronger,
I wonder who is asking me to sacrifice the color black,
but soon I trust this voice, I get closer to this voice,
I make my decision to go for white over black,
to go for purity over darkness.

The hazy picture is suddenly clear ,
I see the difference between black and white ,
I see the angel and the demon ,
I see the divine intervention behind the voices
and all this only because I chose white the color of purity
I see nothing but a mirror ,reflecting my face,
it had been me, who wanted to opt for white ,
me but wiser , me but purer ,
me but named "conscience"