Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inner Voice

I have a choice between good and bad,
I have a choice between white and black,
I ask myself what if I chose black,
I hear a voice saying go ahead but you would not accomplish what you are born for,
I get dismayed and wonder if I really want black,
then I look at white, I see the purity but I also see the sacrifice.

I look at god for an answer,
I look at him for enlightenment,
but I see nothing but darkness,
I am cold I need someone to hold me, but I have none,
I feel trapped, I feel suffocated but I cant find that gush of air,
but then I do hear a voice echoing, it's your choice it says it has to be your decision.

I am left with a choice of white and black,
I wander why can't it be grey? but that is not one of the options,
Deep down the voice opting for white gets stronger,
I wonder who is asking me to sacrifice the color black,
but soon I trust this voice, I get closer to this voice,
I make my decision to go for white over black,
to go for purity over darkness.

The hazy picture is suddenly clear ,
I see the difference between black and white ,
I see the angel and the demon ,
I see the divine intervention behind the voices
and all this only because I chose white the color of purity
I see nothing but a mirror ,reflecting my face,
it had been me, who wanted to opt for white ,
me but wiser , me but purer ,
me but named "conscience"


Kitcha said...
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Kitcha said...

Nice write up man. Really good usage of words, ideas and emotions.
Keep it coming!!

Arnav said...

Thanks man :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Reetika said...

Great one Buddy, Well thought and beautifully executed.Looking forward for more - as you know "Yeh Dil Maange More":-)

Arnav said...

@ Reetika Di,
Thanks di for the visit

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Allie said...

A wonderful poem!!
Very well chosen words..
Its true..the consience and self-confrontation is beyond all the greed and fears.. and that is what ultimately decides the choices we make.

Arnav said...


Thanks for the visit

Keep Visiting and smiling :)

Prasoon Joshi said...

A poem!
Frankly, I always have grey as an option and I envy people who have to choose only between white and black. I often get nothing but grey. GREY. I hate grey, black is so much better for its defiance. I hate grey, white is so much better for its purity. All I get is grey!
Why is that?

Arnav said...

Finally you visit my blog :)
Thanks :)

Well then thats good because u don't have to face the dilemma of choice..
You have grey so enjoy it :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Jaunty anima said...

Ahh...beautiful composition!!!Every second...every moment v have to make a choice between good and bad...whoever strikes it at the right place at the right time emerges out as a winner in this journey called life....
n yea thanks 4 droppin by...stay regular man...n u jst got a new follower!:)

Arnav said...

Thanks :) for the visit and for the follow ...

True we need to take d right decision at the right time , but more often than not we are distracted at precisely the moment where we should have focused :P

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Indrajit said...

That's a good and interesting perspective about the black anbd white and liked the way u ended the poem..

Good work indeed and wanted to read more of ur works...Tc

Arnav said...


Thanks dude :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

aprajitha said...

nice one

Happybirdie said... kaminey portrays..there is one good side n one bad side but now a daz donno why people prefer bad over gud n that hurts me a lot...A person should always listen to wat his/her conscience is saying..nice post...take care.
keep in touch,now u hv a new follower in me!!

Arnav said...

@ Aprajitha
Thanks for the Visit


Thanks for the visit and the follow :)

If we all listen to our conscience then the world would forget the meaning of good :)

keep Visiting and Smiling :)

sandip sahal said...

As you rightly said dear Arnav, thrs a black and thrs a white...
but thrs a grey that you cant deny...!

Its not wht the colour that thr is..
it is the choice that makes it..

Arnav said...

@ sandip sahal
Thanks for visiting the blog finally :)

There are some situation where its better to chose black and white ..
but yes, there are shades other than black and white and it is but our choice, but we need to be careful to select the color we intend to represent else it may reflect RED on others

Simar said...

your inner voice is quite grey!

nice piece :)

keep writing...


Arnav said...

@ Simar

Thanks for the visit :)

keep writing and Smiling :)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey Arnav,

Seems like i missed some stuff around...

this post...

I liked the picture suits perfectly for the inner voice... seemed like some da vinci code... monalisa pic with some code in it..

I simply loved that poem man...

superb work..

i love hearing about "Choice" all the time when people blame everything on obligations...

See you around :)


Arnav said...


Thanks for the visit :)
Keep Smiling :)