Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being Judgemental !

We the Homo sapiens are judgmental. We have an opinion about everything - living or non living, humans or animals, we opine about everything. I guess that's what makes us human, our thinking ability, but there are times, when it is this very ability which makes us forget that we are humans also because "we can care and love."

We all have this habit of framing opinion about every person we meet- good/bad/ethical/unethical; but are we really equipped to do that? Generally we frame our opinion based on the small duration of time, for which we meet the other person, which generally ranges from one hour to a couple of weeks, but is this frame of time sufficient? I don't think so! A couple of weeks are a very minuscule part of our lifetime. Everyone of us are what we are because of the environment we are brought up in , the kind of people we have met, the situations we have faced, all of these and much more define our persona. Then how can we judge a person in a couple of weeks.

Have you ever wondered why each one of us is so different, some are humble some proud, some caring, some ruthless. Well, the situations which we have been till then are responsible for the label. Not that we should care for everyone and love everyone, but at least we can stop judging people, hating people for one incident, for that one day when things were just not where they were supposed to be. Each one of us is different, each one us have an angel and satin inside. It is this diversity which makes life so colorful. If we attempt to take a peek inside the life of the people whom we don't like for x,y,z reason or people whom we have branded as "bad, selfish", we would understand the exact reason for them being so.

Today, we seldom have the time or opportunity to understand the life of the people around us, because we are "busy people" obsessed with our own life. Since we can’t spare time, why shouldn't we give the people around us the benefit of doubt! Why shouldn't we just accept the people the way they are, and if we dint like them, assume something terrible must have happened that made them that way.

We should not judge anyone based on a particular incident or occasion, because human mind is complex, we all behave absurdly at times. To truly frame an opinion about someone , we need to know him/ her for a really long time, we need to know, how he /she is, as a complete person, only then we are equipped to label them.

None among us is good or bad, it is the situation which is so!