Friday, March 4, 2011

The Train Journey

The train journey reflects upon us thoughts which we tend to brush aside amidst the daily chaos.

The lush green fields often seen only in train journeys by city dwellers reflect upon us the prosperity gifted to us by all around like mother earth who inspite of being tortured by mankind gives him the gift of prosperity and thus teaching us to be thankful to the people around.

The momentous hills and the deep rivers cossed with ease in a journey reflects upon us that hurdles small and big would keep coming in our life not to pull us down but to make us realize that we have the power to conqour all hurdles and that we must keep moving crossing all the hurdels coming our way with ease .

The burned log in a remote farm is a symbol of destroying the waste and hoping for a fertile tomorow , reflecting upon us that we need to bury our past in a hope for better tommorow .It tells us we need to tolerate the occasional darkness of soot and heat of fire for shaping a better tommorow .

The kids dancing in joy at a mere sight of a moving train reflects upon us that we need to find happiness amidst the simplicity of our daily life and not in the monetary value of materialistic things.

The poor family sitting in a dirty corner of a busy station may be having their only meal for that day yet enjoying eavery bite with a peaceful smile.The scene questions us, if they can be happy and content then why can 't we?

The old couple travelling in great discomfort yet looking after each others small needs reflects upon us an eternal beautiful love story which is not as rosy as a cinema, but is about selfless love , about saying, "i love you" without uttering a single word after all its about spending an entire lifetime with each other.

It is but the last station, where the train finally stops after a long journey reflecting upon us that we must keep going, We must pursue our dreams till we reach our destination, our goal. We must overcome the occasional hurdles, we must also stop in between to rejunivate however we should never give up till we accomplish our dreams and are at peace with ambition .


V Rakesh said...

Thank you for taking me on a wonderful journey!

Arnav said...

@ Rakesh - :) Am more than glad you that you liked it.

ninju said...

Nice one chatter :)

Ritika said...

Yes, moving on in life is important. As life / people are not perfect. Hurdles come in form of people, situation and many more. When that happens its best to call spade a spade and not mistake it to be something else. In other words seeing things as they are. If someone's a bitch, call him/ her a bitch and remove the hurdle off your life. If job is a bitch, see what to fix in it and remove the hurdles. Hurdles, exist in life in all forms and as the tools of this universe we are programmed to remove them by hook/crook. :). Its not love, its not wealth but 'life' itself that keeps going on like the rotating earth. We are blessed to have a life that keeps going, as one cannot breathe in stale air. God bless... good work. :)

SriLanka said...

The biggest challenge in moving on is realization. It takes a steel and kind heart to perceive the world as is. A weak heart forms its own vision, a cocoon of a non existing world.
Realization is blinded by emotions. One should not let that happen. Because when that happens, internally you will grow weaker and experience trauma and for whom ? People who were immature, situations that were not in your hand. And after all that you go through, does the coin change its side ? It doesn't. So can one just let their life stale away? Im a fighter and believe no matter what future holds better things. Everything I do today will sow a seed for tomorrow, if I let hurdles of the past take over me, the dreams that I see for myself will never grow into the beautiful tree that I visualize. Sorry, got over excited but good work and reinforces my own beliefs. Tc. :)

Mohammed Hamtoul said...

Brilliant! May Allah be with you!

Arnav said...

@ Ninju - Thanks Bro

@ Ritika - True very true .. Thanks for Visiting keep visiting ..

Arnav said...

@ SriLanka - True .. realizations are indeed difficult . Good too know that you too are a fighter ..

Keep Visiting ..

@ Mohammed Hamtoul - Thanks . keep Visiting