Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My soul has been touched,
My spirits lifted high.

With stars in my eyes,
I gaze at that lovely smile.

Smile which is beautiful eternally ,
has created magical moments.

With hope in my eyes and smile on my face
I remember that face ,
the face with the purest smile.

The face
a glimpse of which lights up my day,
The face
a glimpse of which brightens my eyes.
The face
whose chastity is its pride.

In solitude or in companionship,
I see that face in front of me,

That face with the angelic smile.


Inner Voice said...

It is just a "SMILE" what all it takes to make somebody's day.

Beautifully expressed :-)

Arnav said...

@Reetika Di,

Thanks for the visit :)

SO true a smile can make a day :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Your lines always convey a great deal of happiness to me! This one is no exception!

Arnav said...

Thanks a lot dude :)

Happiness is so common yet so rare :)

Be happy and keep smiling :)

Prashanth said...

Someone has rightly said "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight"

Beautifully written , keep writing :)

Arnav said...

Welcome to my blog :)
Thanks a lot :)
Ya smile is so powerful :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Indrajit said...

Poem is really sweet, but I did not like the pic.

Arnav said...


Thanks ..
I was thinking of changing the pic .. Would do that soon :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Mithun Shinde said...

All it takes a just one :)....BTW whose smile is botherin' u so much bro?

Arnav said...


ya a smile can bring a lot of magical moments :)
well :)

Satyu said...

oh wow..

That was beautiful :)
Each and every sentence made me SMILE :D :)

Take Care
Keep Smiling :)

Jaunty anima said...

A smile does the magic...lifts your spirits...makes the most annoying moments wonderful...So keep smiling...n keep expressing coz they make us smile!!:)

Arnav said...

Welcome to my blog :)
Thanks a lot :)

Keep Smiling and Keep visiting :)

Arnav said...

@ Jaunty

Thanks a lot :)
True a Smile can make a lot of difference :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Chatterbox said...

Your beautiful poem made me smile!
Nicely done.

Keep up the good work Arnav.


aprajitha said...

nice one

Gautam Anand said...

After a sabbatical of 3 months.. it feels good to be back in this blosphere.. and it feels even better to read something like this.. great going Arnav..
In b/w
awaiting ur insights into my new poem

Arnav said...

Welcome to my blog :)
Thanks am glad u liked it :)

Arnav said...

@ aprajita

Thanks :)

Arnav said...

@Gautam Anand
Thanks a lot :)

Escapist said...

SO do you believe the same and of course we all do....SMILE costs you more than DIAMONDS....


Arnav said...


Welcome to my blog :)

well I think smile is way cheaper than diamonds but the value it gives to everyone around us way more than that given by diamond ... :)

Shruti said...

Hey arnav,
Visit my profile :)
Something is waiting for you!

HaRy!! said...

No wonder Smile can make yur day!! sure the smile of the beloved can lift yur spirits and soul!


very very nice :)

Anonymous said...

great one :)

Arnav said...

Thanks for the award :)

Thanks for the visit, sure a smile can make a day :)

@Nameless fameless
Thanks :)

@ Ipsita
Welcome to my blog ..

Keep Visiting and of course Smiling :)