Friday, July 24, 2009

Mera Bachpan lauta do !!!!

Childhood is suppose to be the most beautiful time of our life . We all cherish those moments , when we had nothing to do but enjoy life, but have we given thought to those millions of children who have lost their childhood to some pedohile, to those who spend their children learning the art of begging , to those who are victims of their own fate !!!

Here is a video do have a look

(Read below only after watching the above video )

I am shocked to see this not that I am unaware of the atrocitites of those "who supposedly protect the helpless", but this is shocking, a girl of 6 years being mercilessly hit .....

A man is a manifest of his environment, and a child who has such a childhood will never be able to live a normal life, either she would be full of hatred or she would succumb to her fate and become a zombie!!

We all speak of having a clean and good society , but how can that be possible if we do not pay attention to the smile of hte children around us . The children around us would become the future "responsible" citizens we need to nurture them .

Our beloved MP's are busy debating the effect of tv serials like " sach ka saamna" on our culture , I wander if even one of them have seen this video, there are so many issues in our country which needs to be addressed and debated upon and instead they are wasting their time on tv serials ,further enhancing the trp of the show ....

Where our the religious guru's who were angry for legalizing same sex , now where are they when a gift of god is being mercilessly tortured, now why can't they come on TV NEWS and ask JUSTICE for the child , why are they busy now ???

NGO's were busy fighting for all kind of rights , why are they silent now ?? why can't they demand justice for the future of India now ??

We the aam junta need to realize the importance of having a healthy childhood , we should at least make sure that children around us are happy , be it the helper's child, the beggar on the streets, the ragpicker or our our child ... At least we can do small things for them so that they have a reason to be happy ..

Children are gifts of god , they are the most purest form of man kind and we should let that be like that , we all have to make a conscious effort to ensure that the children around us are happy and get the happiest period of their life.


aprajitha said...

v true, childhood is v imp.. defines the entire course of action

Rakesh Vanamali said...

A very touching post! I deliberately did not watch the video, owing to its content, which I'm sure is graphic!

If only we could guarantee security to our children, we would be a million times more prosperous with the prospect of better people and leaders in the future!

If only.....!

Arnav said...

THanks for visiting ..

Thanks for visiting ..

Ya , IF only :)

Gautam Anand said...

very true Arnav.. childhood shd be protected.. In our own way we shd try to help save the vulnerable and needy children..

anyways.. read my new post..

Arnav said...

@ Gautam

Thanks for visiting ...

Indrajit said...

Hmm, good post.

Read both of your posts and u write very well. Keep going.