Thursday, March 11, 2010

DEATH - Inevitable


Some things in life are beyond our control, things which are planned by someone  powerful than us. Of all such things "Death" is something which is unpredictable and inevitable. It would come to all of us in ways we are not even aware of. Death is scary, am sure to all of us; it would wipe the very existence of us one day. I don’t know and do not want to know also, what life is after death because it is the life which we are living now that’s of concern to me.

I don’t know how one feels to be dead, but the people around the deceased definitely are disturbed , they are the people who suffer, the ones who would have to move on, who would have to live life as if nothing has happened because life does not  stop for anyone.  We need to understand and accept this that life is not a birthright but a blessing. It is not something we can take for granted because it can expire anytime. This acceptance is something we all need to imbibe and the moment we do that we would realize that life is a gift and is too short to be wasted.We spend a lot of time "hating” others, but is it really worth it?? If we were to die would it all matter? 

We have this habit of complaining about almost everyone in our life. We are not happy with our parents, we are not happy with our friends actually we are not happy with ourselves. This leads to constant suffering beneath a smiling face. We start hating people who are perhaps much more than, what we see in them. 

I have seen people who complain that their childhood was not how it should have been. They keep complaining about their parents. Their myopic view prevents them from understand the pain and suffering their parents must have had. The care and love which their parents have for them. Their sacrifices made . These are the children who suffer the most when their parents die. Because it is only when we  lose someone , we realize their importance in our life. Nothing can be done then , the person is dead and one can never again show the love and respect the deceased earnestly deserved. 

People keep complaining about how their friends/Lovers do not understand them and waste a lot of time fighting with them over things that do not matter. What if that one friend/ lover dies, would we be able to thank them for the thing they did for us. Would we be able to ask forgiveness for the pains we gave them? Since we would  not be able to that ,we would spend the rest of our life suffering with guilt.

Life is unpredictable,  we are not in a position to know what would happen next.  People die  suddenly and  with them goes the opportunity to make them feel special or happy , with them goes the option to make them smile. What is left is but remorse and guilt. 

The only choice we have is to enjoy the little we have . Make the most of what we have. We meet a number of people every day in school, college, office everywhere. We need to decide if we want them to associate the word "hate/ Greed/Rude" with us or associate "love" with us. Life is too precious to be spend hating people, we need to find a reason to love/ like people around us. 

We all being humans have a range of emotions from loathing someone to being madly in love with someone. We have it all, we have the power to be kind and cruel. We have the power to make a fellow human being shed tears of Pain or  shed tears of joy. Emotions make us  humans right.

Death despite being scary is one of the greatest teachers God had gifted us with .It teaches us the greatest lesson of life, "Life is but a synonym of change.. We need to imbibe this and learn to live the moment because this moment may not be forever" .


Friends close your eyes for some time and think, if you were to die tomorrow would you be treating people around you the way you are doing now.... 


V Rakesh said...

Very well written!

Arnav said...

@ Rakesh

Thanks :)

Fareed said...

Agreed but partially.