Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some People ...

Some words are not spoken
Yet some people hear it all

Some tears do not flow out of our eyes
Yet some people wipe them off

Some questions are not asked
Yet some people answer them all

Some anger is not expressed
Yet some people come to pacify us

Some happiness is not reflected
Yet some people share it with us

Some help is not asked for
Yet some people offer everything they have

Some dreams are not shared
Yet some people help us turn them to reality

Some actions hurt everyone around
Yet some people tolerate it all

Some care is always not recognized
Yet the care always remains...

Some people always make our life special
Yet their life remains ignored...


"Guys these are the people who make Life worth living ... So take out time from you busy schedule and make sure that you make the life of these people, special just as they made yours .... "


PostMan said...

dude...you seem to be giving me a poetic sense too...im very impressed....adding to it 'some people have loads of work, yet they manage to sleep all day' :P

Arnav said...

@ Postman

Thanks a ton :)


V Rakesh said...

Brilliant tribute to some of the finest people in life!

May God give you the very best, always and all ways!


Arnav said...

@ Rakesh

Thanks a lot :)

Keep Visiting and smiling :)

Inner Voice said...

Very true - We often ignore those who influence us the most in our lives, who helps us silently in different ways to reach where we aspire to be, who are a part of our daily life. We take relationships for granted but the day these people are gone far from us we understand the value of their existence in our life - by then its too late.
So let us all acknowledge and thank the people we have in our life, who helps us in different ways - Silently :-)

Way to go bro, keep it up :-)

Arnav said...

@ Reetika Di ( Inner Voice)

Yeah we ignore a lot of people who actually are angels in our life... Its time that we should acknowledge that angel :)

Thanks for the Visit :)
Keep Visiting :)

Pallav said...

very beautiful....


Arnav said...

@ Pallav

Thanks for the visit :)

Keep Visiting and Smiling :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Amazing Arnav! Simple words but so deep meaning.. love the flow of the poem.. You just earned another follower! ;)

Shruti said...

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Arnav said...

@ Tongue-fu Lady

Thanks a tonn :)

Keep Visiting :)

Arnav said...

@ Shruti

Thanks :)

Ramesh said...

simple words deep thinking..so much touching....:)

Arnav said...

@ Ramesh

Thanks for the visit ..
Glad that you liked it

Gautam Anand said...

Effectivity in simplicity !.. good going..

Inviting u to comment upon my new creation ..