Saturday, August 2, 2008

The unforeseen

It was around 10 p.m, Mr Vivek Mukherjee had just finished his first peg of whiskey,the next day was suppose to be Ayesha's birth day .Ayesha was the reason why he still smiled, she was his 12 years old daughter and was the only reason why he still lived with Rama-his wife. He was planning a grand part the next day , when suddenly the phone rang and everything was changed. He picked up the phone in a lethargic manner assuming it to be for Rama, but the phone came from Mrs Bhaduri. He was told of the horrifying incident in which his Ayesha was raped by the very teacher whom he had assigned .
Vivek could not believe his ears, the glass of whiskey slipped from his hand, pieces of glass pierced through the photograph of Ayesha. The photograph was taken on the occasion of Ayesha's 5th B'day party . He removed the glass from the photograph, and asked himself, "will I ever be able to take out the pain from her soul". The cell phone rang this time and he realized that in a state of shock he forgot to replace the receiver of his land line phone hence the call in his cell phone. It was Mrs Bhaduri again, she asked him to come to mangeshakar hospital immediately.
He went to his bedroom. The very look of Rama disgusted him , she had applied a face pack on her face and was combing her hair when he entered the room , he wanted to blame her for everything . Suddenly he saw Ayesha's doll beside Rama and he could not hold back his tears , he fell down on the ground .
Rama looked at him indifferently and said, " honey, please don't come to my room when you are drunk, it affects my peace of mind, please leave".
Vivek looked at rama with anger , and was about to reply with an equal sarcasm but the doll beside her reminded him of Ayesha. She always said with,"papa please you don't fight with mummy, at least you keep you cool", and Vivek always had to obey. He got up and walked towards rama and picked up the doll and cried profusely. Rama was not sure if it was the alcohol's affect or was something seriously wrong. She took Vivek's hand in hers and asked him what happened. This touch was made after a long time, she was confused as she had never seen Vivek in this state of mind. Vivek got conscious of the touch and walked towards the cupboard away from Rama.
He opened the cupboard and threw the ipod he had bought for Ayesha and screamed, " Rama, my Ayesha, our daughter our life , has been raped." saying this he started howling like mad .
Rama ran towards Vivek and slapped him and said, " Vivek please at least don't say nasty things about our daughter".
He placed his hand on her shoulders and looked into her eyes ,"Rama how I wish this was a lie, how I wish I was under the influence of alcohol , but the fact remains. Mrs Bhaduri had called , that devil, Anand , the man whom I had chosen to teach Ayesha, raped her". He could not say a word more, he hugged her and wept.
Rama was still in a state of shock , she could not believe what she had just heard, but the pain in Vivek's eyes authenticated the information.
Vivek said, " We have to leave immediately , she is admitted in maneshkar hospital and she needs us both now."


Kartz said...

Wonderfully concluded. Leaves an opening- how are we supposed to address the situation if we were to be in place of Mr Mukherjee.

It is easy to pen down possible ways, but that would not mean empathizing, would it?

Kartz said...

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Shubhra Kanwar said...

Parents mein kitne bhi differences aa jaye but in the pain of there child they reunites........

Arnav said...

@Shubra ;


dizzy said...

u'v gota write more to imagination of what happens next wudnt evn be close to what u'l have to say abt it....plz carry it on

Arnav said...

@Dizzy :

Some stories are better left untold. The element of unseen is important sometimes :)