Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happiness is something which is craved by all , and people have their own strange ways to stay happy.A good majority of us will say one can never be happy, as by nature man always wants the best,so as soon as he gets what he desires he starts,looking for anew desire , a new fantasy.
A businessmen always fantasies that he would have a global empire, and feels that he will be happy only when that empire is established.An unemployed youth would tell you that all he needs is a job and that would make him the happiest person on earth.A child would tell you that a truck full of ice-creams would make him happy.A new wed bride would tell you that if her husband is happy she would be happy.
There are infinite reason to happiness, which differs from person to person, but I strongly feel a person is happy only if he wants to.I may sound absurd, but I feel rather I believe that our mind is the strongest tool , god has gifted us with, if we just tune our mind to stay happy, we will feel the difference, it's all a state of mind, and the best part is, it is completely under our control.
Happiness actually comes from within, and the reason to happiness can be just about anything,all we have to do is to look around with an observant eye.Although today people feel that materialistic things will make us happy,the fact is it is the small moments of life,shared with our beloved ones,that titillates us, when we lose hope, when we feel that life is nothing but a big black hole which is sucking the very life from us, it is at this time,when moments like our first date,our first friend or perhaps the silly things which we did in school or college, brings a smile,a hope in our face.
Happiness makes a person beautiful,healthy and everything positive that comes to our mind.The secret to happiness is not achieving our desires ,but it is simply to feel happiness.Life is never a bed of roses, but we can at least feel the comfort of such a bed,just by closing our eyes.
Let me share one incident .A few days ago, I was in a melancholic mood, and was simply surfing through the channels, when i saw a report on Afghanistan,and this report led to the realization that happiness comes from within.In that report I saw a boy not more than 8 years , was smiling away to glory, though his background was nothing more than burnt villages.His happiness ,it seemed had no limits, it seemed as if he owned the world , and this happiness was due to nothing else but a small piece of bread. It is strange that a small piece of bread which is eaten by thousands of people in an unthankful manner can bring such a big smile on someone's face.The smile did not speak of the inhuman conditions in which he lived, nor did it tell that the boy had lost his right leg in the war, it only spoke of the happiness which he felt.That smile made me realize how lucky I was to have a family , to have a house,to have a college and most importantly to have a fully functional , normal body.There I was thankful to almighty, that I am in India and not in some war ridden country, and I realised that I had a million reasons to be happy, and thus realizing that happiness is no where else but within us.

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Prasoon Joshi said...

quite true ... ironical that all we do is aimed at makin us happy and all we end up doin differs from the primary goal ... keep bloggin man ... join d blogger@sastra community ...